tirsdag den 22. juli 2008


Welcome to this blog about the Cenelec standard EN 50126 / IEC 62278.

EN 50126 and IEC 62278 are identical and published by Cenelec and IEC respectively.

EN 50126 is about Safety Management Systems in Railway Projects.

There exists two closely related standards:

EN 50128 / IEC 62279 are about Safety Software Management.
EN 50129 / IEC 62425 are about proving the safety of a product in a Safety Case.

They are originally Cenelec standards, mentioned in most European railway contracts.
They are not particularly readable. You can get a little wiser by reading e.g. the "Guide to EN 50126" (TR 50126-2).

A selected number of the posts on this blog have been compiled and linked into a "Quick guide to EN 50126". These blogs summarizes experiences achieved from:

- Cross-european railway projects,
- teaching in Safety Management and
- being a Cenelec Working Group member.

Other posts are inspired by readers who wrote a mail or just a subject that was discussed that day.

Feel free to use the blog!

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Troels Winther