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How to choose an Assessor

The 1'st and 2'nd part in a railway contract can hire an assessor:

- The 1'st part will typically be a supplier, who wants to develop a railway system (a train, a level crossing, an LED lamp etc.) and
- The 2'nd part will typically be an Operator or Infrastructure owner, who wants to buy a railway system.

It is recommendable to choose an assessor in corporation with the Safety authority.


The assessor should have the capacity to perform the required assessor tasks.

The assessor should have the needed independency.

The assessor should have the needed competence.

There can be many candidates.

Please note an approval of a product can be parted into Generic Product (GP), Generic Application (GA) and Specific Application (SA).

Each approval step can have different assessors.

Add 1) For the GP it might be beneficial to use internal assessors as far as possible. If this is not accepted by the relevant safety authority, an external assessor can be hired to ensure the independency.

Add 2) For the GA and SA it might be beneficial to choose a local assessor or someone who is accepted by the local Safety Authority.

Add 3) For the SA it might only be necessary with an assessor for the first installed site.

Focus on the sources (EN 50129:2003)

See "Focus on the sources" in the referenced links.

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Fulvio sagde ...

The EN 50129:2003 states that the assessor might be internal in any case (fig. 6 EN 50129), but the EN 50128 impose an external ISA (req. 6.2.8 EN 50128) with few exceptions (req. 6.2.10).
This point is opened and is a source of problems and delays.
Kind regards

Fulvio sagde ...

The figure 6 states that the ISA can be part of the same manufacturer organisation. The EN 50128, req. 6.2.10 introduce a constraint about the ISA election (in case the ISA is part of the same organisation, he has to be approved by the SA, independent by D&D, has to report to the SA). The proposal to address the issue in the safety plan, in case of pure HW components is not necessary. The SA, if the EN 5012X are applied has written, has no chance to oblige the manufacturer to pay a 3rd part certification.

Troels Winther sagde ...

Figure 6 in EN 50129 states, ASSR(/ISA) must always be external (a 3'rd part organization).
EN 50128, req. 6.2.10 and TR50129 relax this statement and allows an internal ASSR, if authorized by the Safety Authority.
The issue can be addressed in the Safety plan and cleared with the Safety Authority from case to case.