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The key documents

A number of documents can be considered as "key" documents in a Safety Management system based on EN 50126.

The System definition: Defines the system on block diagram level.

The Safety Plan: Describes "Who does what and when".

The Hazard log: Contains all known hazards and their history.

The Risk analysis: Contains the risk analysis performed for each hazard.

The Safety Requirements: The safety requirements to the system

The Safety Case: The document that proves the system is safe.


An Operator, Infrastructure owner or Supplier organization might have thousands of small projects every year and maybe a few large projects.

It is some times asked: "Do who need all these documents for each single small project?".

The answer is "Yes" - however, it is allowed to simplify the documents to one A4 page.

Of course you need the documents! Imagine it was a small company saying: "We are so small that we do not need a yearly accounting report for the taxes authority".

If you do not have the key documents, everybody around you gets confused: The Safety authority, the safety department and the Assessor.

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Focus on the source (EN 50126:1999)

In Figure 9 in EN50126, it is recommended to update the safety documents during the life cycle as shown below:

Information about the Safety organization and the FRACAS system can be included in the Safety Plan.

Infomation about relevant standards can be included in the Hazard log.

Information about the Risk acceptance criterion can be included in the Risk analysis.

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Ju sagde ...

You speak about safety requirements. Where are mentioned the other RAM requirements? to obtain finally the RAMS

Troels Winther sagde ...

The S requirements are mandatory and must be fulfilled in order have a safe and approved product. They are handled in the Safety Management system.
The RAM requirements are necessary in order to have suitable product and can e.g. be handled by the Quality Management System.

Anonym sagde ...

We can see that the “Safety organization” is reported from step 2 to step 10, after a short break off, it resume at step 13. How about the steps between 11 and 12? Why can this report be break off and resume later?

Unknown sagde ...

I use Ideals virtual data room for documents. In this case we use only electronic documents in our company work. This is fast and comfortable. If I need any document I can find it in one minute.

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