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Definition of Safety Management

Safety Management is the implementation of a "Safety Management System" into an organization.

A "Safety Management system based on EN 50126" uses a "Hazard log" to manage the safety. The controlled unit, - which can be counted and calculated -, is "Risk".

A "Safety Management System" is similar to other types of "Management Systems"; - For example, an "Economy Management System" uses a "Budget" to manage the economy; the used controlled unit, - which can be counted and piled up -, is "Money".


There exist other types of "Management Systems":

- A "Capacity Management System", which controls the Capacity of a system.
- A "Quality Management System", which controls the Quality of a system

In order to implement a Management System into an organization, there have to be some procedures, processes and key documents that must be used and updated by the organization.

EN 50126 describes all the necessary key elements for a Safety Management System; there must be a company policy, a safety plan, a hazard log, internal audits and a failure reporting and corrective actions system, a risk estimation process etc.

It is then up to the Railway organization to adjust size, amount and complexity of these key elements into a suitable and operative Safety Management System for the product and organization in question (see examples of adjustment in post 'The V-model').

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Focus on the source (/EN 50126:1999/ and /Railway Safety Directive/)

In chapter 5 of /EN 50126:1999/, "Management of railway RAMS", it is stated:

5.1.1 Clause 5 of this European Standard defines a management process, based on the system lifecycle, which will enable the control of RAMS factors specific to railway applications. The process supports the:
- definition of RAMS requirements;
- assessment and control of threats to RAMS;
- planning and implementation of RAMS tasks;
- achievement of compliance with RAMS requirements;
- on-going monitoring, during the lifecycle, of compliance.

In the European Union Directive 2004/49/EC, also named the "Railway Safety Directive" it is stated in article 3, "Definitions", chapter (i):

"Safety management system’ means the organisation and arrangements established by an infrastructure manager or a railway undertaking to ensure the safe management of its operations;"

Further on is stated in article 9, "Safety Management", chapter 2:

"The safety management system shall meet the requirements and contain the elements laid down in Annex III, adapted to the character, extent and other conditions of the activity pursued."

Which is interpreted by the author of this blog as: A Safety Management System must contain the required elements (from annex III; page 24 of the Railway Safety Directive), but the elements can be bended, adjusted and simplified to a suitable and operational level for the product and organization in question.

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