lørdag den 17. januar 2009

Does the Guide add information cp. to the blog?

The "Quick guide to safety management based on EN50126 / IEC 62278" is almost identical to this blog. In this way, you could print out the blog and have the same information.

If you are e.g. a Project manager, a Research and developing engineer or maybe a Purchaser and are just about to start a railway project, you might find it helpful to read the guide on book-form.

1) Brush up your safety management knowledge each time a new project starts

2) You can use it as a reference work, years after forgetting the blog link.

3) You will not be disturbed by the internet commercials.

4) The book can be read in the train on the way home.

5) You will read the content in the right sequence as suggested by the author with better pictures.

6) Bring it to your boss' office, when explaining the importance of EN 50126.

7) You save the time it takes to print out the entire blog.

8) Get a reference work of the buzz words used by the European Safety Authorities.

9) A few Examples and "Focus on the Source" chapters are removed from the blog.

10) An extra chapter about "Putting it all together".

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